The Power of Prayers

The sweetest moment of the day is when you are alone with our Lord
and you are praying to Him.

If you don’t know how to pray yet, just start talking to Him.
There is no such thing as a blueprint for praying.
Everybody needs to find his own unique way
how to get in contact with our Lord.

Like in every relationship or friendship,
don’t just pray when you need help.
It is a constant interaction, everyday.

If you really want something
and it comes from your heart,
your soul and your spirit,
He will answer you.

Since our idea of time is different from His,
it might take a while, but He will answer you.

Just remember to pray within His way.
Greedy, selfish or bad wishes for others,
He won’t answer.
But good and selfless wishes,
He will answer.

Love, your Papa.