Respect for life and nature

NZ Flag Moving to another country is feeling like beginning something new. Leaving the past behind and getting the chance to start your life again. Moving to New Zealand is not only about that. Firstly, it’s about the beautiful landscape that this wonderful country has. There’s something spiritual about this land. I am not talking only about the obvious signs where you’ll find visible Māori culrure; Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. There are also some unique places where you can feel that spiritual awareness too.

My favourite place is in the town where I am currently living in at the moment. It is just a tree settled peacefully next to the beach. But to me it is not just a tree. Beacon of Nature To me it is a ‘Beacon of Nature’ and its decleration as a natural heritage is well deserved. By just looking at this tree with all its strong branches, its strong roots and its beautiful colours or by just touching its bark you can feel the energy from the tree, flowing around and in you. You feel that you are one with nature again. A feeling that most of us – including me – used to have during our childhood but have lost a long time ago. I am grateful to have felt that feeling again.

It’s about the people in this wonderful country. There’s nothing unusual about meeting people you might say. But here it’s about the way you’ve been met and treated: with respect, with a smile and without any prejudices. People And it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, old or young, ordinary or beautiful, disabled or in shape, black or white. Life is not about earning heaps of money, jumping to the next level of your career, driving a fancy car or complying with the beauty ideal, it’s about regaining respect for life.

Why don’t we make an effort anymore, to overcome the wall of prejudice to see what is really behind it? A human with all his fears and longings, all of which are quite similar worldwide, but the experiences can be so diverse and exciting that you can only learn from them.

And I want to learn. I want to learn how to become one with nature and respect every aspect of life. Taking care of nature and giving a little smile cost nothing and can still bring about so many positive effects.