Giving is better than taking

Now we are getting into the happy seasons.
I know you are getting excited too.
And it is good, because it is a joyful time.

I just want to remind you what the most important thing is.
It is not about receiving some big presents
or even being jealous about what other got.

It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Ask Him to come into your heart.
Think about others first.
Think about your loved ones, your family, your friends.
Think about those ones, who need help more than we do.

Give with all your heart instead of just taking
and you will see it is much more joyful.

Love, your Papa.

The Power of Prayers

The sweetest moment of the day is when you are alone with our Lord
and you are praying to Him.

If you don’t know how to pray yet, just start talking to Him.
There is no such thing as a blueprint for praying.
Everybody needs to find his own unique way
how to get in contact with our Lord.

Like in every relationship or friendship,
don’t just pray when you need help.
It is a constant interaction, everyday.

If you really want something
and it comes from your heart,
your soul and your spirit,
He will answer you.

Since our idea of time is different from His,
it might take a while, but He will answer you.

Just remember to pray within His way.
Greedy, selfish or bad wishes for others,
He won’t answer.
But good and selfless wishes,
He will answer.

Love, your Papa.

Walk the Talk

In life you will meet quite a few people
who know how to talk and try to convince you with their words.
But when it comes to action they disappear.

Talking the truth means talking about what is right.
You will know what is right by listening to your heart.
If you know the truth stick to it and put it into action.

Be brave. Even if that means that ‘friends’ will turn their back on you.
Then you will know they weren’t real friends.
Believe me, real friends and Jesus will always stay by your side
even in stormy weathers.

Love, your Papa.

Together Everyone Achieves More

A single piece of paper can be easily torn apart;
but the more papers you put together, the harder it gets to tear them apart.

The same applies to us humans.
In this world, nearly everybody acts selfishly.
Everybody wants to be the best, wants to be better than others.
Comparing amongst each other, pushing others away or making fun of others is the wrong way.

I am telling you my kids:
Don’t go just where the crowd goes. Be different, make a difference in this world.
Be kind to each other; to your brothers and sisters, to your family, to your friends, to everybody.
Learn from each other. Be wise.
Everybody knows something different that you might not know.
Share your knowledge.
So in the end we can all learn from each other…
… and make this world a better place.

Love, your Papa.

How to choose between right and wrong?

Love is … listening to your heart.

Throughout my life my mind took control over me and my decisions.
Now I know it is wrong.

Now I know God is living within every single one of us.
He is living within our hearts.
God is pure love.
So how can listening to your heart not be the right way?!

In your age, my beloved ones, you have lots of questions or you might already have decisions to make.
You will know the answers by your heart.
Don’t listen to friends; don’t rush; be patient with your decisions, because it might have effects on others;
be at a place where you can be alone with God and just listen to your heartbeat.
God will tell you the right answer.

Love, your Papa.