What counts in life

20160804_112026 Oh, how foolish we were.
We believed to know what really counts in life.

Was it foolishness?
Or was it just ignorance of a young man,
who believed to be invincible and immortal?!

How much more practical it would be,
to already know what counts in young years?
How much pain would be saved?

But we need to suffer.
Pains that pierce our hearts with a knife.
‘Only the one whoever falls low, knows to value the highs’ it is said.
‘Without lows no depths’ I say.

What would I tell my ‘younger me’ right now?
‘Ask the Lord’ I would say, and let your ego on the outside.
Trust Him. He will answer your requests.
He loves you and He cares for you.
And He never leaves you alone.

What else would I tell my younger me?
Put love first. Put love in your center.
Love your family unconditionally.
Protect your family with all your heart and your soul.
Your family is God’s greatest gift.



The sun is shining.
But I can’t feel the warmth.

Longing for some kindness.
Receiving only cold.

I want to scream.
But I am not allowed to.

I want to break out.
But where to?

Voices, voices, voices.
They are so loud, so loud.

Caught in paradise.
And there is no way out.

Where is the help when you need it the most?
Feeling left outside alone.

Being dropped down just like that.
How can I trust?

Can you understand me?
There’s anybody who can?

Jesus loves us.
That is what keeps us alive.

I endure all the pain.
Cause the Lord has a plan and I will follow.

His plan is greater than you might think right now.
Keep on trusting, keep on trusting.

Your contribution to a better world

BluePlanet According to the statistics of the Planet4Life’s facebook site there are people following our posts from different countries all around the globe. This is a good sign that shows us that people care about this beautiful earth no matter where they live. Planet4Life exists, amongst other things, as we firmly believe that everyone can contribute to a better world with only small steps.

What about your contributions? Maybe they aren’t that different to the steps you take in other countries. Or maybe they are different. But most importantantly, we are sure that we all can learn from each other. Here is your chance to share your ideas. And the winner will be our planet.