What if … Love is easy?


If you are happy,
I am happy for you.

If you are laughing,
I can’t stop grinning.

If you are touching my skin,
I’m still getting goosebumps.

If we are separated and miles apart,
I still feel your heartbeat next to mine.

If you are smiling,
my heart rejoices.

But if you’re feeling sad,
let me cheer you up.

If you are feeling lonely,
let me be at your side.

If you need to be alone,
let me give you some space.

If you feel insecure,
let me be your rock.

If you are too weak,
let me carry your burden.

If you stumble and fall,
let me take you by the hand.

If you need a hug,
come into my arms.

If your heart is broken,
let me fix it.

If you are angry with me,
let me even love you more.

And if you’ve hurt me…
…I will forgive you.

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