Don’t waste food

There are so many people in this world suffering.
They are suffering, because they have nothing to eat.
I also made this experience this year.
I can tell you, it is one of the worst feelings you can have.

In our western society it is common to throw away food; just like that.
On the other side, if you see fathers, who come home with no food
and children, who are crying, because they are hungry, it breaks my heart.
Please listen to this: it is not good to throw away food.

Put on your plate just enough food that you will eat for sure.
If you are still hungry afterwards, you can easily put more food on.
Sometimes we put too much on our plates; that can happen.
If that happens, don’t throw the leftovers away.
Keep them for later or share with your brothers and sisters.

Love, your Papa.

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