What to plant in a spiral herb garden

After building our herb spiral, we surely want to plant our medicine.
Some plants like it more dry and sunny, and some plants like it more damp and shady. The herb spiral is the perfect place giving each herb its own little microclimate. The driest conditions are at the top of the spiral. As the herbs grow, the spiral will create its own shadier conditions.

Herbs that can be planted are:

1) Herbs that like it damp and shady. South-Facing (in the southern Hemisphere)/North-Facing (in the northern Hemisphere).
– Chervil
– Mint
– Chives
– Parsley
– Sorrel
– Tarragon

2) Herbs that like it dry and sunny. North-Facing (in the southern Hemisphere)/South-Facing (in the northern Hemisphere).
– Marjoram
– Thyme
– Chamomille
– Coriander
– Basil
– Sage
– Rosemary

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