Building a Solar Dryer

Wouldn’t it be perfect, if we can harvest fruits and veggies in our own garden the whole year through? Well, in some countries this is possible; but not in every country. In general I would say, you have warm summers and colder winters, which makes it more difficult to grow plants during winter times.

Today I want to show you, what you can do to still have the benefits of your own fruits and veggies the whole year through. It is not a new method. It was already used in ancient times. Today we are building our own solar dryer or solar dehydrator. And the good thing is, instead of using hours of expensive electricity with an electronic version, we get our power source for free: the sun.

The method is quite simple. Cool air enters a solar collector where it is heated as it passes along a hot black metal. It then rises into the dryer where your fruits and veggies are placed on shelves. Also the building is not that difficult, if you have the right tools at hand. It is the planning that takes a lot of afford, if you want to avoid buying all the needed materials for lots of money in a hardware store. Besides the hinges for the door and the paint, I used the materials that can be found or grow already in our garden like the bamboo for the shelves; the rest I bought for little money on a junkyard.

1) Gathering materials

2) Making a plan

3) Start building

4) Start painting

5) Finished project

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