What is home?
Home is where you were born they say.
Home is where your heart is they say.

But what if your heart is broken into a million pieces?
What if your beloved ones are turning their back on you?
What if all your dreams break in like a glasshouse?
Do you still belong to here? Are you homeless?

A simple and cruel ‘no’ from an immigration officer can take away all of your last hope.
No. I say. There is hope from Jesus, our Lord.
He gives hope for everyone of us.

He does not steel.
He does not lie.
He does not betray.
He does not treat you like dirt.
He does not give you false hope.
He does not rip your heart out and kick it.
He does not let you down.

He loves you with all your imperfection.
He loves you unconditionally.
No matter what circumstances occur,
no matter what people are doing to you,
He is there for you.

In my case, Jesus is my new family.
In the end it doesn’t matter where you are.
In the end I am not homeless anymore.

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