Fencing with quick set concrete

Sometimes it is necessary to put up a fence around the garden.
Either you don’t want animals to get out
or you don’t want predators to get inside.
In our case we bought the parts from the junkyard for small money.

If you don’t have the time and the money to hire big machinery,
an easy solution is to put up the fence with quick set concrete.
I would recommend to do this job with another colleague.
One is holding the parts while the other one is digging and filling.
Half way through you can swop the jobs.

First you have to measure quite detailed with a measure tape and a level where to put the parts.
Then you just have to dig some holes and put the poles inside. If the parts are in level, you can fill the holes with concrete, add some water and stir both until it is quite harden. At that point you can still adjust if you need to. After a few hours, it is not possible any more.

Using Bamboo for your garden

One of the best natural material you can think of is bamboo.
If you have some space left in your garden, bamboo can be renewable natural ressource.
Just be aware of the fact, that bamboo can spread widely and grow very fast.
Taking out the roots might require some stronger tools as the roots are very strong.

As it is very flexible and very strong at the same time, you can use it for different applications.

1) As garden sticks

2) As mulch

3) Or to produce beautiful and useful things
This curtain hanger in a sleep-out for instance I created after finding the perfect size of bamboo.

Do not steal

You might wonder from time to time:
How do I get to know God better?
How can I get closer to Him?
One way is definitely listen to Him.

You can listen to Him by reading His words.
His words are written in the Bible.
And within the Bible you will find His rules:
the ‘ten commandments’.

One of the ten commandments is: do not steal.
Listen carefully my precious children,
never steal from somebody else’s money or property.
It also means don’t steal somebody else’s heart.
It is the worst thing you can do,
if you tell another person that you love him
even though you don’t.

Love, your Papa.

A book with 365 pages

A new year.
Another year of separation.
But a new year is also a chance.
Imagine, if this year is like a book with 365 pages
and you are the writer, make it a good book.

For the year to come I wish you all the best.
I wish you a never-ending yearning for wisdom.
I wish you a good connection to our Lord.
I wish you a life full of love.
And if miracles are not coming to you,
you should be the miracles:
be kind, give love and brighten a light in the dark.

I am sending you all of my light and all of my love.
God told me that the wind will be strong
so that my love will reach you across the sea.
Happy new year my beloved ones.
I love you and always will.

Love, your Papa.