A father’s prayer


Oh heavenly father. Forgive me, my heavenly father, for I was wrong.
Forgive me for asking how can you allow the breakup of a precious marriage;
how can you allow the separation of a father from his kids.

This is wrong because it is not you who did it.
You are the God of Love and not of separation.
The world is ruled by Satan; so it is him to blame.
Forgive me my wrong thinking.

I always wanted to be a good father.
I wanted to show them this beautiful world.
I wanted to lead them and guide them on the right path, our Lord’s path.
This chance has been taken away from me by Satan.

I will miss holding your hands when you need it.
I will miss drying your tears when you are hurt.
I will miss giving you hugs ‘n’ kisses.
I will miss teaching you right from wrong.
I will miss seeing you growing up.
I will miss your voices calling out for ‘Papa’.
I will miss being a father for you.

Will they know how much I love them?
Oh my heavenly father please hear my endless cryings.
Send them my never ending love. Please.

If I may tell you just one wish, it would be this:
Be there for them as their heavenly father. And I know you will.
No matter what your plans are for me, be there for my kids.
Protect them, guide them, lead them and help them to stay on your path.
Let them make a difference on earth, let them shine for you.

Winters ending


First warm sun rays bring closer season spring.
First white legs that are brave for a swim.
Wind’s thriving through the hair, goosebumps on the skin.
Winter’s still there, can you feel him?

Jandals are squeezing through the sand.
Do you want to take my hand?
The smell of fish is in the air, hear the children’s laughter?
And spring is already there, what are you running after?

Males are chasing females,
humans and birds.
Lord, thank you for the seasons,
thank you for this wonderful world.



What is home?
Home is where you were born they say.
Home is where your heart is they say.

But what if your heart is broken into a million pieces?
What if your beloved ones are turning their back on you?
What if all your dreams break in like a glasshouse?
Do you still belong to here? Are you homeless?

A simple and cruel ‘no’ from an immigration officer can take away all of your last hope.
No. I say. There is hope from Jesus, our Lord.
He gives hope for everyone of us.

He does not steel.
He does not lie.
He does not betray.
He does not treat you like dirt.
He does not give you false hope.
He does not rip your heart out and kick it.
He does not let you down.

He loves you with all your imperfection.
He loves you unconditionally.
No matter what circumstances occur,
no matter what people are doing to you,
He is there for you.

In my case, Jesus is my new family.
In the end it doesn’t matter where you are.
In the end I am not homeless anymore.