Wake up all you people

Four billion people on this planet when I was born.
Seven and a half billion people nowadays.
Nine billion people is the maximum number our planet can feed –
that will be in 30 years from now on.

What then? We can’t avoid having more people.
Moving out to Mars? That is not the solution.
The Earth is the only spaceship we got.
And it is our duty to protect it.

This message goes out to everybody.
No matter if you’re rich or poor.
If we destroy our only ship,
we are going to destroy ourselves.

Something has to happen.
We need to change.
We need to wake up:
socially, mentally, ethically and environmentally.

Stop thinking only about yourself.
Stop being egoistic.
Stop thinking only about this generation.
Start living on a higher knowledge.

Start small and plant trees:
If everybody will plant and maintain at least one tree, many problems will be solved.
Use your wallet as a weapon:
Buy only green, sustainable and socially acceptable products.

Act like Paul the Apostle said it long time ago:
have a loving heart, be joyful, bring peace to each other, be patient,
be kind, be gentle and self-controlled.
Wake up – and this World will be a better place.

Your contribution to a better world

BluePlanet According to the statistics of the Planet4Life’s facebook site there are people following our posts from different countries all around the globe. This is a good sign that shows us that people care about this beautiful earth no matter where they live. Planet4Life exists, amongst other things, as we firmly believe that everyone can contribute to a better world with only small steps.

What about your contributions? Maybe they aren’t that different to the steps you take in other countries. Or maybe they are different. But most importantantly, we are sure that we all can learn from each other. Here is your chance to share your ideas. And the winner will be our planet.